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What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic works with the structure of the spine and pelvis and the function of the brain and nervous system. Restrictions in the spine can occur affecting normal spinal movement and function. Chiropractors identify these problems and look to the best available ways to improve the spinal function and achieve your health goals.

Consider a chiropractic assessment to see if chiropractic care can help you. Your Nervana chiropractor will perform a thorough consultation and examination, should we not be able to help you with your health goals we will certainly do our best to find the right health professional for you.

The Nervana Difference


Nervana Chiropractic is a number of individually owned and operated chiropractic centres throughout several suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, including; Palmyra, Kalamunda and Yokine all united under one group brand. Together we service the health needs of more than 50,000 people every year. At Nervana Chiropractic we have a special interest in family. Children are always welcome and are very special members of our clinics. We offer dedicated kids play areas, baby change facilities and lending libraries for our parents.

We are passionate about the health benefits of chiropractic and strive to always deliver exceptional service and professional advice to our patients. We are committed to empowering people towards their health goals. We align ourselves with other high quality, allied health providers in our local areas to ensure patients have access to everything they need along their journey to health. We are a pro-active group of health professionals who undergo ongoing, continued education. We support many charities, community groups, events and expos including;

  • The Australian Spinal Research Foundation
  • Corporate talks for HBF
  • Pregnancy, Babies & Children Expo
  • Every Woman Expo
  • Leukaemia Foundation
  • Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Activ Foundation City-to-Surf
  • Aspire Wealth Creation
  • Local schools/sporting groups, gyms and fitness centres

By enlightening you about better health choices, you can experience the joy of a fully expressed life and the bliss of achieving your goals and aspirations, whatever they may be. That’s Nervana. Please feel free to find out more about Nervana chiropractic on this website and contact us for any enquiry.